Restoration & Rebuilds

St Bartholomew Church, Orford, Suffolk

We are currently in the process of rebuilding the Peter Collins organ previously situated in the Turner Sims Hall at the University of Southampton.
It will be completely restored, updated and installed at Orford Parish Church, Suffolk in time for Easter 2019.

We have restored all of the chests and fitted schwimmers to them,  fitted a complete new winding system, restored the action, fitted new lightweight cedar trackers, washed, repaired and voiced all of the pipework and generally restored the casework. We have also fitted shutters to the Brustwerk.

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The church have their own website which will provide further information on the project, a link to their donation page, and photos from the installation of the casework.

St Peter's Parish Church, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. 

The organ was completely rebuilt using new slider chests with built in schwimmers, new trunks, swell box and shutters, and new console and bellows.  We reused some of the Porritt pipework and casework.  Additional Stinkens pipework was used for some of the stops.  

Ian Carter carried out the voicing and fine-tuning with close cooperation of organist Robert Foreman BMus FRCO FTCL, and organ advisor Paul Hale MA FRCO ARCM FRSCM .

"Superb craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and supreme artistry! I cannot fault Cousans Organs in any way and there was always a mug of tea and a slice of cake when I visited the workshop in Coalville. We now have more or less a new organ in the original and very fine 1893 case. It is fully electrified with digital transmission from a brand new console. The organ is a credit to Cousans Organs and a testimony to their skill and enthusiasm. "    

-Robert Foreman BMus FRCO FTCL Organist of St. Peter’s Church, Market Bosworth

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St Botolphs Church, Wardley, Leicestershire.

The organ was origionally built in 1820 by T.C Bates & Son Ltd, London and still has all it's origional parts.  We have carried out a general restoration using the same materials that were used back in 1820.  We releathered the bellows, repaired the mechanism, cleaned and voiced the pipes and polished the case.

Please see below a video of it in action after the restoration.

St Botolphs Church, Wardley, Leicestershire.

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