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Restoration & Rebuilds

Our fully trained staff are able to carry out all aspects of organ building in our well equipped workshop. This includes:

  • Tracker action
  • Pneumatic action, charge and exhaust
  • Electro-pneumatic
  • Direct electric action

Included in this work is: 

  • Re-leathering: reservoirs, motors, underactions and bookmotors
  • Soundboard restoration and re-palleting
  • Action restoration: rollerboard, square rails, backfall beams, tracker and sticker repairs
  • Pipework: cleaning, repairs, revoicing and new pipework


These pipes have been resprayed at our workshop and carefully wrapped for transit back to the church.



We have our own scaffolding tower for safe site work.


Re-leathering bellows

Sometimes we use existing parts and restore them using materials which would have origionally been used.


Soundboard restoration

This soundboard was restored including flooding, re-palleting & this picture shows the table being planed flat. 


New soundboard

Other times we build parts completely from scratch using modern materials.



We can update existing consoles or build a new one depending on the customers needs. Mobile platforms are a great way of making full use of space.