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About Us

Formed in 1877 and now trading from our Leicestershire factory base, we carry out all aspects of pipe organ building, tuning and maintenance. We also maintain a number of Harmoniums. We cover an area from North Yorkshire to London, all points from the East coast to the West Midlands. We have three tuners covering these areas.

  • What can you expect from us?  A typical tuning visit will involve checking over all parts of the organ, not just tuning it. Each visit we will tune the organ, check for regulation and correct any minor faults listed by the organist.  
  • How often should a pipe organ be tuned?  Some small organs only require a visit once or twice a year. With larger instruments, we liaise with the customer on their requirements.
  • How much does it cost to tune an organ?  Our prices vary based on the size of the organ. Please contact us on 01530 588917 or to discuss your requirements.
  • We recommend in the winter months that the church is heated to Sunday Service temperature for tuning visits. The pipework which is made from either metal or wood expands and shrinks depending on the temperature of the church, therefore the most accurate tuning is achieved when the temperature in the church to tune, is the same as service temperature.
  • We are always pleased to offer support and advice to customers on any concerns they have in regards to the organ, whether it be a suspicious noise coming from the blower to woodworm or asbestos.

Ian Carter
Managing Director

Ian started with Cousans Organs in 1976 as an apprentice. In 1982 he then became Midlands Area Manager for Rushworth and Dreaper Limited Liverpool which resulted in him relocating to Leicester. In 1996 the opportunity to purchase the business arose, and Ian was delighted to return to his roots. Since then, Cousans has grown and continued to give great customer service.

Image taken by Lincolnshire Echo 1977, during a powercut!